Prince George of Cambridge – the Importance of a Name

July 25, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

It is said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose their child’s three names for their traditionality and their historical reminders, and to give pleasure to the Queen and the Prince of Wales, but, while these factors were considerations, I believe the parents took the personality of the little boy into account as well. At one point, as they answered questions from the media, they talked about not having decided his names yet since they were still getting to know him – a considered and considerate course of action. So often babies are given names (even before they are born) which please the parents, which are reminders of events in the parents’ lives or which are humorous, with no thought as to whether the name suits the child, or how he or she may feel about it when they are older: there is nothing wrong, incidentally, in having a name that is unusual or even uniquely created, so long as it suits the child. Our name represents our character and our soul, our identity in a way that is far more than just convenient letters on a passport. If we are given one that is incompatible with who we are, we can feel uncomfortable, diffident, at odds with ourselves as we strive, unconsciously, to be what we are not as we try to live up to the name we have been given. Many people speak of the liberation they feel as they choose to adopt another name for themselves, even a nickname, and, sometimes, changing their surname too. It will be interesting to see if Prince George becomes – while young at least – known as Georgie, or one of his other names, and what name he chooses to use as king one day. To us it does not matter, but to him it does.   [byline]  ]]>

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2 comments on “Prince George of Cambridge – the Importance of a Name”

  1. And then, Claire, there is the old Johnny Cash song, *A Boy Named Sue*. On the one hand, it's a comedy; on the other, it's the story of a father who was unable to be around when his son was growing up. So, as a means of practising fatherhood despite this, he named his son Sue in order to help teach him to stand up for himself as he grew up.

    1. Indeed, the "wrong" name is an opportunity either to get it right or to make it a strength not a frailty!

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