Meditation for the December Solstice 2023


This meditation was created and recorded by Claire to mark a pivotal time in Earth history and for you.  Filled with cosmic imagery and experience it will enable you to see your soul beginning, the future of the world and to learn your part in that future over the months to come.
While guided by Claire the meditation is very much of your creation and so is deeply personal.  It is a complex esoteric meditation designed to raise your consciousness and communicate with Spirit.  Please use it carefully and responsibly.
Duration: 27 mins.


A guided meditation created and recorded by Claire Montanaro for the Solstice.
The meditation is a journey to your destiny and to your soul.  In it you will dance with the cosmos and work with unknown planets, and you will help the Plan of God as you discover much about you that has been hidden.  You will work with the Solstice light and dark, find new spiritual companions and receive a Solstice gift.
This is a powerful meditation in which your consciousness may be raised substantially.  Please undertake it responsibly!
The meditation lasts for 25 minutes.


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