Radioactive Tuna: Legacy of Fukushima

May 29, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

I was not surprised to hear this, for it has long been my belief that the story of Fukushima is only half complete with further repercussions to come: it is like an alligator lying in deep waters, the only signs of life being a few air bubbles until suddenly the waters churn with its movement. It is another example of politicians failing to take charge of, let alone be honest about, the reality of a serious situation, just as we are seeing in Europe over the future of the Euro and indeed the future of the EU. Fear, impotence and incompetence have created paralysis in Japan and many capitals in Europe, and I will be interested to see what world leaders do when the alligator starts to move. Hearing today about the radioactive tuna (for which no-one has expressed regret for the creatures themselves) caused me to reflect on how interconnected our world is these days. There are no bubbles to insulate us from what is happening thousands of miles away, and whether the cause is financial or accidental, any occurrence of significance will touch us; indeed the personal conduct of each of us impacts the world one way or another all the time, which is why our choices of what we do or how we feel (for emotion is a choice) are so very important. There is no need for anxiety about world events but nor is there reason for complacency. We are all in this together, and although the thought of the alligator can be scary, pragmatism and good intent can mange it for the benefit of all, while we enjoy the waters too.]]>

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