Simultaneous Dreaming, Giving the Lie to Time

October 6, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

Simultaneous dreaming is something I have wondered about before, but it was only last night that an ordinary experience helped me to confirm that we can, indeed, be in two dreams at the same time. At 3.30, I was awoken suddenly by the unusual sound of cars and voices in the lane below my home – I think there may have been a Young Farmers' event somewhere in the area and a few of them were returning to a neighbouring house rather late: thrust out of a deep sleep I was straddling different planes of consciousness for a few moments as I came to a waking state, aware of the outside noises and yet still in my dream state, but finding myself part of two vivid dreams and not just one, each one ongoing still but quite separate from the other. I will spare you the details of the dreams, save to say one involved a play in opulent 18th Century costume, the star of which was a foppish Sir Malcom Rifkind, no longer a politician but Scottish still, and the other concerned austerity and hardship in a war-torn country. I was in the dreams as an observer but I was a participant also: it was strange to feel the comedy of the one and the grimness of the other while being aware of the irritation of human noise, all at the same time, my metal detachment, meanwhile, commenting on the unusual nature of the experience - for me at least. [caption id="attachment_2121" align="alignright" width="150"]Simultaneous Dreams Photograph by Albert Londe[/caption] Dreams can be the result of unfinished business from your human present; past or future life memory; or your soul’s experience in the moment; and the more memorable your dreams are, the more significance they have as lucid dreams. Just as we tend to assume that we live our different lives in a linear fashion, so we believe, often, that, while we may have a number of dreams in a night, we only have one dream at a time. I know now this is not true, and that simultaneous dreaming is real, just as living simultaneous lifetimes is a reality too. It reminds us again of the false nature of human time, and how far we limit ourselves by taking time at face value and not seeing the breadth of experience, and truth, that lies beneath the illusion, and the dream.]]>

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2 comments on “Simultaneous Dreaming, Giving the Lie to Time”

    1. Very interesting idea - the link you gave does not seem to be the right one, but Google helped! I too believe oneness must precede the existence of time, and indeed comes after it.

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