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The Karmic Background to the Cleveland Kidnappings

May 9, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

No encounter is by chance, whether it is your parents, last night’s taxi driver, your teacher or your employer. If you are on a train, those who share your carriage let alone talk to you are souls you have known before, however fleetingly, and the brushing shoulders together, a shared smile or a cross word are an aspect of completion of something from the past. When the meeting is more significant involving a friendship, a working relationship or an aggressive exchange, karma may well be involved – a rebalancing of unfinished business often to do with a wrong from a life long gone, or it can be the karma of pure love between souls with a strong spiritual connection. When I hear of an extraordinary incident involving different people drawn together by violence or terrible abuse, often I wonder about the karmic background that must exist between them and which has caused them to create such a cataclysmic and yet cathartic completion of the karmic bonds tying them together. It surely must be the case that the Cleveland kidnapper and his female captives were involved, subconsciously, in a terrible and macabre attempt to clear a deep karmic history once and for all, one possibly to do with power and disempowerment through the worst abuse possible short of murder. Hopefully the ability of the women to free themselves and ensure the arrest of their captor will have ended a repeating wheel of experience which kept them together for many lifetimes. Many other people were caught up in the kidnap story and its karma, such as the relatives and the police, or even the neighbours, and for them too there will be their own spiritual reasons for being even peripherally involved; however, while I reflect on the deeper meaning that is possible in all that has happened, I do not forget the human impact these shocking events will have had on those who have suffered terribly over ten years – and the suffering to come of a different nature for the kidnapper and his friends and family, for whom these must be difficult days. It is not a happy ending to this tragic story, but the chance, at least, of a new beginning at many levels. Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of Spiritual Wisdom.]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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One comment on “The Karmic Background to the Cleveland Kidnappings”

  1. for sure its a karmic balancing occurring...Its intreasting that within the past few years similar situations with girls being held captive are being discovered...I`m wondering how many more will come, i suspect quite a few...i think this kind of crime isnt isolated. I couldnt think of much worse than being captive and being raped. also the thought of giving birth to children whilst being `enslaved` would horrify anybody. Its appalling and definatly about abuse of power. These men that commit these crimes must feel very powerless to have to go to such extremes. the pain of a parent thinking that their children are probably dead and then finding out what has happened. I think there would also be much "what if i had done this, that. or the other.". Neighbours and people living nearby if they heard something suspicious and didnt act upon that how must that feel?? Indeed these events will effect many people. i think the sheer disbelief that it couldnt happen in your town has to be confronted. The "guy" you thought to be a quite reserved but decent human being.....intreasting... I watched a programme recently on another two girls who had a similar experience and they had both managed bravely to marry and get on with their lives. they went back to place where they were held captive and obviously it re ignited many memories and much pain but overall this program showed that you can overcome anything..time is a great healer and of course they had much love and support around them.

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