The Meteorite Messenger from Mars

February 9, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

Because the meteorite is in pristine condition it is as if it has just been taken from the surface of Mars and indeed a professor from the UCL Space Science Laboratory has described it as "a messenger from Mars" because of all the information it will be able to reveal about the past and present story of the Red Planet, and also what it will tell us about the possible future of our own Planet Earth. There may be evidence of the existence once of water, of plants and animals and other wildlife all now extinct, and of what caused the changes in the life of a great planet. As a psychic and channel, I know that every object which has had even a moment of life can tell its own story to those who are able to hear. It holds the memory of all it has experienced and of the human or animal guardians who may fleetingly have had charge of it, and the energies can be very powerful - which is why I find antique shops overwhelming sometimes. While scientists examine the Martian meteorite forensically for the factual evidence which can be gleaned, I would love to be allowed to hold it just for two minutes, to connect with the life within (if it permitted) and to listen to what it has to say - for it is, indeed, a messenger and a teacher. I have a sense already of majesty and sadness, of life and loss, vibrancy turned to stillness, and that Mars is not dead but may be trapped: there is much more besides but it is not the time for me to know. The meteorite has something to say and to ask, when it is ready, and I hope with all my heart that it is heard, for its motherland needs help. If, meanwhile, you see a meteorite shower in the night skies, remember it not just as a visual light display, but also as a winged messenger from the gods, for you.]]>

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