The Newtown Shootings: a Time to Look Beyond

December 17, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

Remember the lost children like butterflies which delight for a few days and then go. They touch our hearts and teach and give and go, to delight others elsewhere in places we do not know before they return once more to change many lives in extraordinary ways. Some parents live for months and years knowing their child is dying from illness or disease about which they can do nothing but which is cruel in its intrusion and effect. Other early loss may be unexpected, as in Newtown Connecticut, when a terrible event by accident or design occurs to shatter lives horribly – however it occurs, the death of a child brings great sorrow and unimaginable hurt. All of us who have a heart grieve now for the children and families brought unknowingly into an unthinkable occurrence, but let us not forget the other parents who watch their child move day by day and painfully towards departure from human life. Every death is significant in its own way whatever its cause, and every death has the capacity to bring more light into the world – that of a child, particularly. Adults died too in Newtown. While we mourn in our own ways for the sadness of what happened, let us remember also that the shocking shootings bring opportunity to learn and to change, to ensure that those who died have left a true and lasting legacy besides one of memory. It is the choice of America as to what they do from this: if Americans act from the heart this time, after this latest shooting, much can be achieved to bring change where it is needed. If they do not, sadly, there will be further senseless multiple murder.]]>

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