The Power of the Barn Owl - Lessons for Leaders?

February 25, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

Power comes in many forms: it is associated usually with authority or leadership, sometimes cruelty and abuse, but power can be enthralling also, though often, in this form, it is overlooked when it should most be noticed. Who would think about the power of a barn owl? Barn owls have been much on my mind today, as I completed my plans, for now, to help these rare birds survive in the area where I live in the heart of Wales. I know they are here, and occasionally I have found their light white feathers in the garden, and even have seen them flying silently like ghosts over nearby fields in the late evening, hunting for voles. Sadly, they are becoming much scarcer due to too much rain and wind, which prevents them from flight, and the loss of their breeding habitat, so I decided to try to help them by making changes to my wildlife barn which would enable them, if they choose, to nest there. With the guidance of the Barn Owl Trust, I erected the best nest box for them, at the right height in the corner of the barn and cut a hole high up in the barn wall so that any passing owls would be encouraged into the barn to look and perhaps to stay. [caption id="attachment_2431" align="alignright" width="300"]Barn Owl Barn Owl[/caption] As I reflected on the barn owl during this work, I remembered its pale beauty and haunting eyes, the eeriness of its call - an unearthly shriek like a child being hurt, its graceful, silent flight, and its reputation for being a creature of darkness despite its whiteness. All birds, all owls are special, but the barn owl has a mystery about it that makes any rare sighting something unforgettable: to see a barn owl touches us, and takes us far from the mundanity of our everyday world. It causes us to pause, and perhaps to feel its blessing, if we are so fortunate. To bring about this reaction is power, the power to awe and to amaze, and to delight, and of course the barn owl, sailing through the night, does not care about what we think or feel: this small feather-light white bird knows it is the king of the dark, and it knows its power, its true, gentle power. I wonder how many of the powerful in our human world are so aware?


 The nature of Power, the quality of the First Ray,  is discussed in detail in my forthcoming course on the 7 Cosmic Rays.   [byline]  ]]>

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2 comments on “The Power of the Barn Owl - Lessons for Leaders?”

  1. It's rather like what Sherlock Holmes told Dr. Watson on more than one occasion, 'You see, but you do not observe.'

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