The Secrets of Deep Waters

February 25, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

charting of the deepest depths of the ocean waters is one of the most read pages of its website, understandably so. Only two explorers have journeyed to the place seven miles down where the temperatures are just above freezing, where there is no light but there is life: it is described as "one of the most hostile places on the planet", and it is about to be explored once again. The findings, using new technology, are likely to be remarkable. What is not so well known is that this ocean bed is an inter-dimensional ceiling for a world inhabited by mystical, mythical creatures and beings who live without form as we know it in an infinite marine universe anchored in the waters of Earth but stretching far beyond the limitations of what we know. They are here because of the future importance of our planet as the spiritual centre of all that is, and they await the call to action. When the time comes for the full transition of Gaia to her intended ascended state, these energies will, in conjunction with extra-terrestrial beings including stars and planets, be buffers of protection for her as well as escorts, and they have the magnanimity to do the same for us, if we wish. Now, they wish the veil of secrecy about their existence to be removed so that they can begin their service for Earth and her occupants in clarity and without fear from us. The growing awareness of the secrets of our deep waters will be the catalyst for revelations that will amaze us, and it may be that they will come to us very soon. Be surprised by nothing, and be ready for anything, and know that all is well.]]>

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