The uncovering of King Richard, but where is he now?

February 5, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

Just as the Bible and other holy texts were re-written in parts to present the desired influence on followers, so too the reign of the last King Richard was recorded by his enemies and successive generations through a masterly assassination of his character which is likely to have been quite untrue. In the north of England legend has him as a good and wise monarch, a man of sensitivity and integrity whose death deprived his people of greatness. The finding of his remains may correct some of the historical inaccuracy and enable him at last to have an honourable burial, with recognition. But does it really matter? Of course, to have more truth and historical accuracy  is good, and the person he was some 600 years ago no doubt would be pleased to be accorded the respect due a monarch, albeit rather late. The finding is remarkable and informative, rightly pleasing many people, but his soul will have forgotten the slights and hurts of a brutal death in an incarnation that took place long ago. If that soul were to watch the excavation and excited announcements about someone it once was a part of, it might be interested by the aspect of completion and rebalancing it represented but little more. If there was karma resulting from the life, it will have been expiated in subsequent lives - or even so doing somewhere in the world now. It may be that his soul, or a part of his soul, is in another human body which may, coincidentally, be reading about the finding of King Richard's bones. If we "meet ourself" in this way there can be a stirring of familiarity, memory or a sense of comradeship for what we were once long ago, but usually it is fleeting and fast forgotten. With rare exceptions, the soul moves on rapidly after every lifetime, seeking to learn and grow in the best and quickest way possible. It does not hark back to the past, for that is pointless. The fact is that once upon a time there was, briefly, a King Richard III who had a soul, and it is human to wonder, what it is doing now? Is it in incarnation at all, and if so what is it experiencing this time? Would it not be ironic if its vessel is a scientist or an archaeologist who happens to be investigating bones in a car park in Leicester....for Spirit has a great sense of humour!]]>

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One comment on “The uncovering of King Richard, but where is he now?”

  1. how beautiful that richard III has finally been redeemed. I`m sure hes now well over it though...but must be frustrating for the soul to be judged and fitted up in such a way. ..always feeling really deeply for one who has experienced that but i guess everything has a purpose. I was taught at school he locked thoses princes in the tower of wrong can history be,,huh

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