Voters in France Speaking for the World

April 23, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

The pattern of the unexpected continues to embed itself as a fact of life as peoples express themselves through revolt and the safer ballot box and, ultimately, it is all about democracy. In China, Syria, Burma, Bahrain as just a few examples, the expression of anger at its lack has caused a ripple of uncertainty all over the world; even in Britain voters are turning to the maverick independent politician who seems genuinely to speak for them rather than the complacently established main parties, while on mainland Europe deep rifts and divisions about the way forward are apparent. The French election is not complete but the messages from the voters are clear: there is appetite for change but also mistrust and cynicism and a desire to punish the men and women who have, they believe, failed them. They want strong leadership with a clear message and they want to be supported not ignored. They want their own French community to be the priority, not the EU or other global markets to which they are unhappily wedded – and these sentiments are not confined to France. People are tired of being forgotten, unheard, dictated to and of suffering because of the inadequacies of those they elected to protect them and their livelihoods: they want true democracy. If Sarkozi loses office, the ramifications for Europe as well as France will be immense as a novice politician with a dislike of much that his predecessor established at home and more widely tries to cope with a fragile EU and a domestic economic crisis. Europe would rock. America, meanwhile, is preparing for her own expression of her people and that too may bring about surprises. It is all change in the world, and that is always welcome.]]>

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