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Voyeurism in the last Spiritual Bastion?

March 26, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

His intent, he says, is to further ocean exploration, but a Florida-based company hopes to build a submarine designed in every sense for tourism, to take wealthy voyeurs to one of the few places on earth that has been largely undisturbed by man - indeed, Cameron himself admitted he could not see very much because of the disturbance to the ocean bed by their landing. How much harm was done, I wonder, or will be done? In situations where my emotions are stirred by stories like these, I try to put myself in the situation of, in this case, the ocean bed to see how balanced or otherwise I am being. While I know medical research and that to understand the workings of the human body can be helpful, I would not be happy if foreign bodies, probes and the curiosity of strangers caused the most private and sensitive parts of my body to be invaded for no good reason, and I believe the damaging intrusion of machines and visitors - for there would be damage, without question - to the Mariana Trench will upset both the perfection of nature and the unseen energies which are there. Is it necessary, and is there a better way? I will be very happy when it is better recognised that humans are the microcosm of the macrocosm which is Gaia, and which is Spirit, and that Gaia Herself is far more than inanimate rock and water: She lives and breathes and feels like you and me though She is wiser and nobler, and very-long-suffering. She will heal and adjust to the careless ways of explorers and thrill-seekers, but her world will never be the same again.]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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