Water on Mars, life on Mars, and parallels with Earth

August 14, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

There are growing indications, too, that Mount Sharp, on Mars, may be filled with ice, some of which may melt from time to time, just as happens in Antarctica here on Earth. The parallels with Earth are growing with each new report, and the Gale Crater, indeed, looks very like the deserts of Utah. Each picture I see of the Red Planet through Curiosity brings a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, and I have been wondering if, billions of years from now, our Blue Planet will look as Mars does now. It may be that, once upon a time, Mars was a little like Earth: it was warm and wet, we know, but with a climate more volatile than ours because its moon was too small to stabilise the planet, but nonetheless not unlike that of Alaska today. It had oceans and mountains and life, and life is there still. Because the cosmos is in constant movement and much that is hidden is being revealed, it may be that a second larger moon will appear around Mars as dimensions merge, which will give Mars the protection he needs to blossom, perhaps taking the place of Earth in the cosmic scheme as Earth transitions to her new role as a Universal centre of communication and teaching. I have talked before about how Curiosity is acting as a conduit of energy between Mars and Earth: Earth energy is touching Mars just as Martian energy is impacting our world. Perhaps this is the beginning of the major change which is Gaia’s future, and ours also – and how exciting that would be.]]>

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