What Goes Around Comes Around – Karma in Iraq

June 23, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

There is a grim irony in the way that the Sunni leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was deposed to make way for Shia rule, and now the Sunnis fight back and threaten the rule of Shia through ISIS; how the Kurds, so hurt by Hussein, are reclaiming their lands thanks to Sunni action; how the Bush-Blair alliance that began in vain-glory and all but destroyed Iraq, now is seen by many as the direct cause of a terrorist crisis which threatens their own countries and global security; how the western world ignored the many signs of growing instability in the Middle East between tribes, cultures, beliefs and neighbours because it was more convenient and less embarrassing, and now find it is too late, for the situation is out of our hands, it is out of control. [caption id="attachment_2628" align="alignright" width="250"]Iraqi Militiaman Iraqi Militiaman[/caption] The seeds of the karma that dominates Iraq lay in the intentions, attitudes, words and actions of world leaders, and the people who allowed politicians and potentates to intervene in the affairs of other countries and then withdraw as it suited them, to stand back just when their help was needed to relieve great suffering, to make promises and then excuses as the promises were broken or proved misguided, and to spend huge sums of money on wars which have left countries destabilised to the point of extinction, and which have led to the deaths of many thousands of civilians. A grave refugee problem confronts the world now, and our past interference or refusal to help will result in a growing influx of homeless people into countries which do not want them, but for whom we are responsible. If we fail to accept the responsibility, we create yet more karma. It is a sobering thought. Politicians do not think in terms of karma, but it would be good if they did – seeing that everything they do has a result for good or for ill, and that what goes around comes around, always, whether it is in Iraq or their own home. I am talking about you and me too – our lives reflect karma just as much as the ancient, sad land of Iraq, and we all have work to do. Iraqi Militiaman -  image by Christiaan Briggs   [byline]]]>

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2 comments on “What Goes Around Comes Around – Karma in Iraq”

  1. G'day, Claire, and thanks for the reminder of just how big a cock-up invading Iraq was from the onset. Former Jordanian King Hussein had warned G.W. Bush that invading Iraq would be tantamount to opening Pandora's box, but he was ignored.
    The other big cock-up that can be attributed to the G.W. Bush administration was when the American administrator of Iraq, L. Paul Bremmer, unilaterally dissolved the Iraqi Army and essentially declared a pogrom on Ba'ath Party members. When you dissolve a standing army, you basically leave a lot of people with military training idle and then itching for action of any kind. Moreover, suddenly making a lot of people unemployed due to their political party affiliation created a lot of resentment.
    Finally, prior to the invasion of Iraq, some of Saddam Hussein's henchmen made a forced withdrawal from Iraq's central bank, to the sum of $1 bn in U.S. $100 notes. Take one good guess how the initial Iraqi insurgency was funded.
    When I was a lot younger, I really did want to see Saddam Hussein and his ilk out of power in Iraq - for the good of the Iraqi people more than anyone else. When, however, G.W. Bush gave Saddam Hussein 72 hours to quit Iraq in early 2003, I had an intuitive sense of something being buggered up (to put it relatively politely).
    Now, it is quite clear just how accurate my intuition, as mentioned above, was.

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