Afghanistan and the New Consciousness

August 22, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
Use the power of the Sun......
Today, 22nd August, brings the second Full Moon in August, one filled with renewed lunar strength and energy, and one that is pivotal for each of us as we share the pain of the disintegration of Afghanistan.  Through the collective consciousness and as members of the human race, we have responsibility for what is occurring everywhere, and we have work to do to put right what we have wronged.

The astrological alignments today place great emphasis on the Sun and also on Leo, both relating to power, authority and leadership all of which are being challenged in different ways at this time in ways that are remarkable and have not been seen in their starkness possibly within living memory. 

The shallow and self-serving nature of politics is illuminated, and a hard light shines on a weak and inept Biden who is using his extreme power as President in a way that will be – is - tragic for many innocents.  It will have repercussions for all of us as a nation is displaced, resulting in a refugee crisis to come of challenging proportions.

It is no coincidence, as we watch the ruthless belligerence of the Taliban and the suppression of freedom for Afghan women and minority groups, that Mars, God of war, and Jupiter with Uranus, symbols of liberty, are highlighted too at this time.

No world leader or international body such as the UN, created to hold world peace, has shown any ability to stabilise the situation in Afghanistan that is such a factor in fundamental world change.  The power we have given to them in good faith and trust has been misused and is not fit for purpose:  in time to come, as the enormous ramifications of these great events are manifested, the way and use of power and where it is vested will be transformed.  The sacrifice of many will bring about good.

Decisions taken by Biden in particular but also other heads of government relating to the well-being of a proud and ancient land and its citizens have resulted in a display of incompetence and administrative disarray that is shocking.  As the influence of the Seventh Cosmic Ray of Order becomes stronger on Earth, the need for its positive attributes, such as creating order out of chaos, using altruistic desire for practical action, and balancing practicality with spirituality for world harmony, will become increasingly visible, and required.  It is no coincidence, in this context, that the only people actively involved in the debacle of Afghanistan who shine are the soldiers, all of whom are specialists in detailed strategy and tactics, who understand about contingency planning, and who have courage and compassion as they undertake the hardest assignment possible, made necessary by unworthy masters whose arrogance brought the world to this point and them to this work. 

From this situation the sense of instability will grow as refugees seek new lands in their many thousands;  fires, floods, droughts and war will cause sad suffering to many, and it will be beholden to us to help where we can.  We sowed the seeds that brought Afghanistan and the world to this point, and it is right therefore that we start to admit our failures and care, for the planet and for the many people that deserve more.

The cycle of change is accelerating and now is unstoppable.  If we despair or fear, if we cover our eyes and pretend not to see that the old world is gone, then the journey we are on will be uncomfortable, but it does not have to be that way.  Use the power of the Sun, the mysticism of the Moon and the energy of the Seventh Ray to do all you can to be wise, to lead by example, and to be practical and realistic.  Confront the truth with the eyes of discernment and a vision of a better world to come. 

Terrible events have occurred and there will be more, until we start to enable change and not resist it.  That is what the new consciousness is all about.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

2 comments on “Afghanistan and the New Consciousness”

  1. This is so sad to read. Yet again as human beings we have let ourselves down and, to some extent we are all responsible . Collectively we also have the influence and power to correct this tragedy. I hope sincerely that many people read these wise words and act accordingly x

    1. Thank you for your own wise words, Richard. I agree. We have responsibility for having passed power to the unfit, and for human carelessness over millennia. This is an opportunity to be more discerning and to insist on change for the good.
      Good luck in your work and in being a messenger, in so many ways.

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