The Mirror for the Shadow Side

September 17, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
Seeds we have sown……..
We choose our way, our path, our life with every breath, and the Full Moon sitting esoterically in the sign of Virgo on Monday is a reminder to us of our absolute power and personal responsibility to direct our human journey.

The way we are, the way our environment around us is, the relationships in our lives, our work, our health – all reflect the choices we have made, and we, modestly and honestly, may take all the credit, and the blame, for how it is. September’s Full Moon is the Harvest Moon, rising just before the Equinox, and so more than ever this period is a reflection of the seeds we have sown and the abundance - welcome or otherwise - we have earned. 

Every year brings a Harvest Moon and Equinoxes, but 2021 is very different from what has gone before:  personally and collectively we are in a period of self-imposed challenge that tests our strengths and weaknesses, and these will differ from person to person and nation to nation.  We may feel undefined anxiety, self-doubt, anger, pain, obsession and suffering, deep-hidden emotions that we are calling into view now in order to decide once and for all if we will succumb to them or overcome them.  The shadow side of us is our new mirror.

As the sense of crisis around us grows, we are being called by soul and Spirit to choose whether to succumb to the negative or enhance the best of ourselves through wisdom and example.  Depending on how we choose to hold it, our mirror will reflect light or dark:  it could be either way, and our personal and spiritual future really is in the balance.

Chaos is all around, and the world does not feel to be running smoothly as China tries to dominate all we see, taking advantage of weak western leadership and the gifts of power over our live that we have ceded to her for decades.  We do not know if the pandemic will continue, if the vaccines are safe, if there will be a resurgence of terrorism, how devastating will be the impact of climate change, if there will be food shortages, if prices will rise, how much suffering will there be.  Uncertainty is everywhere, and it is up to each of us as to how we deal with it:  which side of the mirror do we look at?

As we confront our own inner demons, knowing we have a 50% chance of success, those chances are enhanced by how far we can view the external world with realism and compassion.  It helps to look at the global situation as a spiritual crisis that is the precursor of great change for good, rather than imagining inevitable and undesirable disasters that could occur, but which may never happen.  

We have direct charge over our own world, and the more we can eliminate chaos, simplify our lives and appreciate in the moment all the beauty and love that is around us, the more the mirror will reflect our light back to us and far beyond us.  Shadows oppress, light uplifts.  Which do you choose?



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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