Breaking Free

October 4, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
….breaking free for renewal
The beginning of 2020 saw the first public signs of a pandemic that broke global cohesion and changed society in ways that were far more profound than is understood even now.  The astrological design of the time reflected what was happening, and it is significant that some key features relating to Pluto, Saturn and Mars are being repeated this month, but with the added hazard of a strong Mercury Retrograde.

Once again we are in a storm of control, deprivation and challenge to our freedom, while anger builds up behind the façade of apparent normality.  The breaking down of society continues, but it is an unravelling that is about breaking free for renewal – a resurrection from the death of what no longer serves.  The more we are able to understand this, the easier it will be for us to navigate choppy waters to come safely and relatively comfortably.

Last year, when the world stopped, the enormity of the COVID crisis shocked most of us into a state of compliance and passivity, looking to governments to provide answers and solutions, guidance and practical help.  A lot of our ability to choose and take personal responsibility was ceded voluntarily as day after day we awaited instruction on what we could and could not do.

 While, today, many of our lost freedoms have been restored, new factors are interrupting the rhythm of usual life and it is likely that they will continue, metamorphosing periodically or multiplying, telling us much about how we are as a civilisation and what we must become, voluntarily or not. 

For decades relatively richer people in richer countries have enjoyed an abundance of food, energy and consumer goods provided at the expense of cheap, undervalued labour and the environment.  We have taken them for granted and have often chosen not to think about the costs involved in growing the many varieties of tomato, for example, we demand, or providing us with fast fashion.  This careless attitude will stop, and the change has started.  After all, how many varieties of tomato do we need to make a salad?  Do we need a salad?

As shortages of food, fuel, energy and household items continue to come and go, more and more we will learn to respect what is available to us, and to appreciate what we have.  As society breaks free, the rebalancing will result in a recognition of what is fair to pay farmers and workers, truck drivers and shop staff, and what working conditions they are entitled to have.  As they get more, those who can will pay more, and choice may be less because new farming standards and environmental awareness will focus on quality not quantity.  Purchases will be made to last, not to be put into landfill every few months.

We need to wake up, and to see that shortages and other developments will force us to drive a car only when it is truly necessary, to be creative when shopping and cooking, to use electricity more carefully, and to appreciate what we have and how it gets to us.  We need to wake up, and see how for centuries we have allowed the abuse of the vulnerable, children and women.  We need to wake up and do something about the destructive effects of pornography, through social media, the internet and often parental attitudes, on boys and men and how they view women.  There is much more besides for us to look at.

As society breaks down, ugly fault lines are revealed about how we are, but they are there to help us break free.  Challenges to our freedom now will in time give us more freedom than we have ever had before.  The anger of Mars and the tyranny of Saturn and Pluto can be dissipated using the generosity and wisdom of Jupiter which is innate within each of us, but which sometimes is forgotten.

Our capacity to love and to give, to accept and adapt will be tested greatly, but God does not doubt our ability to change, and to succeed in helping the world break free. It starts not with "them" but in the heart of each of us.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

3 comments on “Breaking Free”

  1. Intreasting isnt it, the true cost of food and energy is now being felt and experienced. I can`t really say i feel deprived as i live as lightly as i can. Food imported from the other side of the world needs to stop or slow down at least by a long shot ....I cant see why we cannot be self sufficient as an island and produce enough to feed us all!! Its ridiculous that its cheaper to import food from europe than to incur labour costs to buy it grown here...About time things changed. I found it distressing all he cheap imported clothing from sweatshops, hopefully those workers will be able to command a living wage eventually...Throw away stuff a thing of the past...great...look forward to it...maybe they might manufacture again electrical goods etc..that can be repaired??? RE companies like apple in technology...this will change too as those machines arent built to last either

      1. IM now currently refilling my entire petrol tank every 3.3 weeks...not bad at all! If it wasnt for winter older/wetter days drawing in id be more on my bicycle too...Hopefully after my exam oct30th ill take trip up to brecos as friend moved there 2weeks ago...x

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