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Life and Death at the Hunters’ Moon

October 17, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
The Full Moon of the Hunter is about sacrifice….

Wednesday’s Full Moon is redolent with the memory of running and hiding, running and hiding in fear of giant black-caped horsemen seeking everywhere to find me.  It is my recurring nightmare since childhood.  They were hunters wreaking vengeance, and the Full Moon to come fittingly is the Hunter’s Moon, and the Moon of Decision.

My dream-time remembering is of a particularly dark time in the ancient war waged for millennia against the light: it may be your nightmare too, for the men and women who were on Earth then are here again.  Do you remember? That is what this Full Moon is all about – reminders and choices as it illuminates starkly the schisms and fissures in our world as the battle for the light rages between religions and races, nations and individuals, values and intents, compassion and cruelty.  

This is the Moon of the Hunter, and it will be blood red in its energy as it presages the end of a turbulent year, like the colour of a dying setting sun, or of a fox pursued by hounds.

These days, the vengeful horsemen of old are exemplified by terrorists and other fanatics who are determined to track down their prey, any prey, for a warped idealism and the desire to create fear and chaos.  It is ironic and desperately sad that a decision by a much-loved MP, Sir David Amess, to publicise widely and allow free access to anyone to talk to him at a constituency meeting enabled his pursuer to kill him.  He chose to be with his community in order to help them, to bring light into their lives and because he loved them.  He chose to run the risk of personal danger for what he saw as the higher good: he was a good man, and the conduct of his life is a credit to his soul.  He leaves a lasting legacy of principle which obliterates already the failed efforts of those who seek power through malevolence.

His unexpected loss and the manner of it is a living nightmare to many, far beyond his family.  There is no waking up from a bad dream this time, knowing that the nightmare is a reminder of the past, and of dark events and feelings that seem real in the night but which will fade in the light of day – this nightmare is an all-encompassing and very public reality.  One day those who mourn may see beyond the burden of grief and recognise the full extent of what Sir David gave to the world, how his work and character was filled with light and good intent.  Being a devout religious man, he knew that light dissolves the dark, always, and that the dark cannot exist in the light.  We can learn much from him still, and our prayers for his spiritual well-being will give his soul comfort and pleasure.

This Full Moon of the Hunter is about completion and sacrifice, of bloodshed and trauma, and about principle.  As we wait for the black flags of the perpetrators of darkness to become white flags of peace, we have a choice as to whether to believe in our nightmares and give in to them, or to wait, knowingly, for our world to wake up to a new way of life.  These are the End Times, and after the end, comes a new beginning – always.

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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4 comments on “Life and Death at the Hunters’ Moon”

  1. Indeed I feel another sacrifice of an exemplary individual who sought to do good for mankind to remind us of the wider violence and hate crimes that pervade our society. They have not won, the haters who commit these acts, they are shown to be people of little conciousness & who try to seek `infamy` themselves for the SO wrong reasons. Its like somebody who is desperately seeking attention and `to make a point`....Media also stirs up the feelings of inequality/inadequateness abundant by their careless biased journalism..this also needs attention the way the press coverage and as pointed out by somebody on radio yesterday ~the way in which parliment conducts itself. We can all be guilty of misunderstandings and judgement about others but it needs to be kinder and allowing different views & accepting of them. Getting rid of individuals with differing views by snuffing out their lives is never solves anything.

  2. And those who believe that hiding in the shadows or ignoring the world at such times as these means they are able to avoid making a choice that calls them to account for themselves, would do well to remember that no choice is still a choice, in the same way that no decision is still a decision.

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