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The Supportive Hand of God

It is sobering to consider how far the movement of cosmic energy corresponds with what happens in our human world.  I wonder sometimes if our lives are a shadowy, illusory reflection of the immense complexity of divine design or, more prosaically, a physical reality influenced by the position of celestial bodies.  The truth may be […]
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The Queen, Astrology and the Transition of the Soul

There is astrological significance in everything, and so it is no coincidence that The Queen has died at the time of the Full Moon, always a reminder of completion and the ending of cycles but particularly so in the case of her long life and its completion.  It is another sign of how all the […]
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Life and Death at the Hunters’ Moon

Wednesday’s Full Moon is redolent with the memory of running and hiding, running and hiding in fear of giant black-caped horsemen seeking everywhere to find me.  It is my recurring nightmare since childhood.  They were hunters wreaking vengeance, and the Full Moon to come fittingly is the Hunter’s Moon, and the Moon of Decision.
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Philip: Love and Grief

Some years before the sad death of the Duke of Edinburgh on Friday, the Queen remarked that grief is the price we pay for love.  She was right. Without love we are nothing.  Our soul and human purpose is to learn about love, to express love and to teach love.  Love is the essence of […]
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No Limit on Love

As Mercury begins his backward movement once again, his disruptive influence is being felt in many ways, overshadowing the days around the celebration of Valentine, the public, and private, time for the expression of love.  In this mode of regression he highlights often uncomfortably what we need to see, confusing our established reality to help […]
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