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What a cat can teach

As I drove to Anglesey yesterday I saw a black and white cat lying dead by the side of the country road.  Being the owner of two cats, and an animal lover, this made me sad for a moment, but I sent it a little blessing and carried on my journey.  Returning several hours later,… Continue reading What a cat can teach
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Living in the now

There was a report today about a lady who, following a brain haemorrhage, found her memory constantly lapsed after about ten minutes.  So, if she was in a restaurant, she had no idea of where she was, what city or country she was in or how she came to be there.  Not unnaturally, this caused… Continue reading Living in the now
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I watched a spider this morning, gently weaving a web between the kitchen ceiling and a chair.  It struck me, as it came and went, that it made no defimition of what and where it was, instead it saw the chair not as a piece of polished wood but as a perfect vehicle for living.… Continue reading Limitlessness
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Politics and Judgment

The current expenses debacle in British politics is a marvellous example of karma in action, the Law of Cause and Effect.  It is ironic that the Legg enquiry was initiated by the Prime Minister for short term PR expediency, but is backfiring spectacularly now in a way that is personally and politically disastrous. It may… Continue reading Politics and Judgment
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When I planned and launched my new website, I knew there might be teething problems during the transition from the old system to the new - and so it has proved to be. My website team (Headweb) has been wonderful, and between us all we tested and re-tested the technology, but despite all our efforts… Continue reading Transitions
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Life and Death

This morning I found myself sitting in the doctor's surgery (a checkup, to confirm that I am very well) and, this being a small place, was joined by half a dozen people all of whom I know.  Not unnaturally the discussion turned to health, and one of the farmers started to list the people in… Continue reading Life and Death
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Yesterday the dawn, today the sunrise.  My sleep last night was accompanied by the sounds of heavy rain and the thundering waters of the River Wye tumbling through the Cambrian mountains, and it was quite a shock to wake to a cold, clear, calm, beautiful morning, the sun just emerging in a red sky with… Continue reading Sunrise
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The New Dawn

The new dawn.... this is how it feels, the time before the day begins, and with a difference.  It is twenty four hours before my new website goes live, and I have a sense of inevitabiltiy mixed in with some uncertainty about the project.  It feels right but it is ambitious, and could prove to… Continue reading The New Dawn
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