Buzzards Threatened to help Wealthy Shooters

May 24, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

The evidence, unproven, comes from the assertions of gamekeepers and landowners, who have a vested interest in encouraging viable shoots for the money it brings them – it is big business, and now the government is considering destroying buzzards’ nests or taking these magnificent wild birds into captivity in order to “maintain a balance between captive and wild birds”. buzzardThe RSPB and other environmental protection organisations are strongly and understandably opposed to the plan, not only because it is illegal under current legislation but because the buzzard population is only just starting to recover from such serious persecution that they were eradicated in many places. Ironically, misguided government has created the present threat to buzzards: years ago it was decided, in the interest of sanitising the countryside, that farmers must remove any dead animal straightaway, to be burnt in unsightly industrial incinerators, whereas before they were buried or left for birds and wild mammals to feed upon them – nature’s way. Large birds find it much harder now to find their food. Some landowners understand that it is possible and desirable to encourage a balance of nature, including raptors, and value their presence in the skies above them, but there are others who see nature as a commodity to use, abuse and profit from, something I cannot condone. Buzzards visit my garden every day, taking scraps occasionally but never causing harm and it is an honour that they come - this is a picture of one. Man can be so selfish, and so cruel.]]>

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