Canterbury and the Bank: mavericks coming to the fore

November 27, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

Justin Welby and Mark Carney, each talented and charismatic, face enormous challenges in their respective new roles as the Church stands at the brink of division close to collapse and the global financial system starts to fall apart; the status quo is past and the future is one that is exciting for being unpredictable and, to some, dangerous. A new era of spiritual freedom and of economic rationalisation calls for these institutional leaders to be mavericks, introducing change to complement not conflict with the new reality even if it means confrontation and taking risk. I applaud the UK Government for its determination to find the best and the brightest as it anticipates the demands of the years to come. It may not know that its expectations of the future will underestimate greatly the needs of a rapidly changing world, but Mark Carney and Justin Welby seem more qualified than most to provide leadership where it will be needed. What interested me most about the announcement of the name of the new Governor yesterday was that it was a revelation: it is rare for there not to be a leak before a high profile appointment, and it was refreshing that, this time, confidentiality was honoured and no-one except those involved knew. Reaction was spontaneous and genuine and all parties must be pleased. I wish him very well.]]>

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