Floods in the UK: We are Slow Learners

November 26, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

It is all about discernment, acceptance and simplicity, and we have much still to learn in these regards, though we are making some progress. Discernment lies in our seeing the importance of co-operating with the world of nature in all its aspects rather than fighting it; acceptance is needed to help us see the present truth in the situation without blame and then be able to determine how to move forward with it and from it; and simplicity relates to our attitude to money and materialism, which is at the heart of the issue. The drive to build more and more houses on flood plains and the abandonment of traditional land management to make or save money has created the inevitable situation whereby heavy rains which once would have gone safely into ditches and natural water courses are overwhelming properties and streets instead, having nowhere else to go. Despite years of flooding homes continue to be built in vulnerable areas and without the safeguards to give them some protection at least from water, and the flood defence programme is slow and clearly inadequate. Meanwhile, insurers argue with the government as to who will pay for the heavy repair costs to houses which may flood several times a year: the choice is stark: if the government contributes, the taxpayer pays; if the insurers have responsibility, their policy holders pay, and meanwhile the properties themselves become worthless because of the risk associated with them. The financial implications now are so visibly huge that the previous emphasis on profit and human ease must change to become one of investment in a new era of safe house building and protection but more importantly, investment in co-operation with the needs of nature. Until we do, the Spirit of Water will continue to remind us where our priorities should lie, and the reminders will get stronger.]]>

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