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The Inlumino Global Spiritual Blog

Green Energy and Wasted Opportunities

Hearing this morning that the British government has decided to change its key environmental strategy yet again caused me to sigh at another wasted opportunity relating to green energy.
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China Teaching the World about the Environment?

China and environmental consideration are not closely associated in the minds of many people except perhaps negatively, but it could be that China proves to be an important teacher to the world on matters to do with the environment – and soon. As Britain undertakes a high-level trade mission to China this week, there has […]
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Our Oceans under Threat – but There is Hope

It is sad to hear that our oceans are under threat, far more than has been understood before according to a new report by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean. The causes are over-fishing, fertiliser run-off, pollution and climate change, and these largely man-made problems provide conditions for the mass extinction of […]
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