China Teaching the World about the Environment?

October 14, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

China and environmental consideration are not closely associated in the minds of many people except perhaps negatively, but it could be that China proves to be an important teacher to the world on matters to do with the environment – and soon. As Britain undertakes a high-level trade mission to China this week, there has been much reflection on the history of this ancient country, and how it reached its present place of diplomatic, economic and political importance: how, after centuries of poverty based on a largely rural economy, a programme of rapid industrialisation led to massive development and success, but at the expense of the environment. Some efforts were made to contain the impact of building, mining and emissions, but oversight was lax and making money fast was the absolute priority.  Massive pollution has resulted from the fast expansion of recent decades in China, and the Chinese government recognizes that now it is time to deal with it; it has put aside a large tranche of its budget to address the problem in the knowledge that it is a serious hazard for health, the countryside and China’s image, and that its own people are disturbed about the environmental sacrifice to the point of major disturbance. [caption id="attachment_2133" align="alignright" width="150"]Chengdu Pandas Chengdu pandas[/caption] Like all countries, China is faced with needing to achieve a balance between economic development and the environment, maintaining its success and status as the most important trading nation in the world but caring for its lands and people. It is possible that other countries like Britain which have experience of environmental sustainability can help China, perhaps as part of the different agreements which are being struck this week, even though the UK herself has much still to learn, too. If China is able to find ways, quickly, to control emissions and introduce the highest standards for industrial production, as well as measures to help health, wildlife and the land, she could be a model for the many countries which could do better, too. She has the technological capacity to find innovative new ways to develop green energy which works, and to be a world leader in this regard would be wonderful, particularly since no other developed country seems very interested. China could teach the world about the environment: I wonder if she has thought of it?   [byline]  ]]>

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