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Travellers of the Fields

Many wonders come with winter, among them bird visitors such as redwing, waxwing, and fieldfares sweeping across our cold skies in search of fruits and berries.
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Less is More

A two acre plot in a remote part of the Upper Wye valley has been my home for 18 years, and my focus of attention from the start has been to transform it from a much-admired weed-free and highly controlled show garden to a place that is a haven for wildlife.
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The Lemurian Way

All over my garden, wars are erupting over ownership.  Ducks, owls, stock doves and squirrels are arguing over the use of a barn owl box (the owl is winning) while blackbirds squabble about territory and dunnocks like many birds fight over mates and the best nesting place.  There is much noise, much activity and within […]
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Wildflower Equinox

In September I try to cut back the patches of meadow that have grown unchecked throughout the spring and summer in my wildlife garden, when most of the wildflowers are spent, preparing the ground for the year to come.
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Symbols of Renewal

In recent days a young heron has been visiting my ponds, hunting in the shallows waiting for a frog or newt to appear.  It is a shy, beautiful creature, a bird of the water and so of feminine emotion and of Spirit.
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Black and White

At the time of last week’s solstice the tectonic plates of the lower dimensions shifted, exposing and enabling great shafts of energy from the planes beyond to stir our human world into self-revelation and a final choosing. The energies released were, distinctly, dark and light, and it was as if millions of black and white […]
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Coronavirus and Kale

Some years ago a kale plant in my garden self-seeded and I found two stray plants growing alongside roses in container pots in the kitchen yard.  Side by side they have flourished.  I left the kale alone as they got woodier by the year, rarely harvesting the leaves and intending to remove them altogether but […]
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2020 and Gaia’s Army

While my heart grieves for the fiery suffering of the land and life of Australia, I see their sacrifice as hope for the future as the year of the Planet begins.  Every death and hurt and all destruction will not have been in vain.
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The Table of Nature

Autumn is lingering here in the Cambrian Mountains:  leaves are magnificent in their fire colours still, and the trees that carry them are bedecked with a multitude of berry jewels, so many that the flocks of fieldfares and redwings arriving for their winter sanctuary are unable to strip them bare.  The table of nature overflows […]
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