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2020 and Gaia’s Army

January 4, 2020,
Claire Montanaro
Life is in everything…
While my heart grieves for the fiery suffering of the land and life of Australia, I see their sacrifice as hope for the future as the year of the Planet begins.  Every death and hurt and all destruction will not have been in vain.

In 2020 and the ensuing decades, Gaia will deploy her elemental Generals more and more actively to force a new awareness upon humanity about right and wrong, about responsibility and about good stewardship of her Earth body.  Whatever the froth and fury over events such as a presidential election or conflict in the Middle East, they will command attention and action through the work of their armies made up of spirits in nature and their counterparts in reality: every drop of rain, spark of fire, breath of wind and earth tremor will work with the One Source to change the world.  They will bring revolution and introduce a new civilisation in which there will be equality of being at every level, and respect for all life equally.  The process of change has begun.

Armies are mobilised when there is a threat or other great need in order to supress that threat, bring about regime change or to expand power.  Too often hitherto armies have been used for abusive reasons of cruel control and ideology at the expense of what is beautiful and honourable, but the armies of the five Elements will be the standard bearers for the five kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal, human and solar – ensuring each is respected for its potential perfection and in balance with each other, peacefully. 

Humanity, the bridge between the world of nature and the world of souls, has done much to damage the other four kingdoms through ego and has incurred much karma as a result.  The evidence is before us in fire and flood, storms and earth upheaval: climate change did not have to be the extreme it is, and the karmic lessons are clear.  It is up to us to put it right.

Each of us must choose to which army we wish to belong – there is no opting out now.  If we align with the army of deniers, of procrastinators, or of the lazy, the pain of unavoidable change will be our pain.  If we choose Gaia’s army and fight for what is right and in her name, much good will be done.  Millions of trees, animals and other wildlife, and some human beings, have sacrificed themselves to show us what must be done to help the Planet, and it is time the rest of humanity, you and I, made some sacrifices too.  The smallest change will help, whether it is flying less, buying less, eating less, respecting more, caring more, and thinking more. 

We have our personal standard to carry, and it is for each one of us to determine what is written on that standard, and how and where it flies.  Let your standard be one of many in Gaia’s great army, and know it is needed in this year and decade of change.



Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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