Coming to your Senses

January 20, 2020,
Claire Montanaro
...seeing the intense beauty in the world....
The recent January full moon was the precursor to a rare astrological conjunction between Saturn and Pluto that symbolised, like the full moon only far more so, aspects of finality and loss, challenge and accountability. 

It is not surprising that a seismic public drama within the Royal family began at this time, as did the impeachment of Donald Trump and major tensions within Iran.  This is a period of fundamental change for us all, the visible end of the old era and the start of the new, change that is so extreme it challenges all the institutions of state and each of us personally.  It is about coming to our senses about what is important, what we need to let go, what we can alter and what it is our responsibility to do.

 The stars and planets are asking us to stop sleepwalking through life lived in habit, tradition, assumption and hope, but to face the truth of ourselves and our creation:  it is not too late to make a new template, and at a time of crisis it is better to do it voluntarily.  This is the time to review and renew, to remember and put to good use all that is best in our memory.

You may say as you kindly read my words, “Well, I know all this but how can I change?  What can I do to find the truth, see the truth and live the truth?  How do I come to my senses?”

“Coming to your senses” is an expression that is used glibly these days, which is sad in view of the fact that it is possibly the most important factor in living a spiritual and rich human life.  It is a fundamental aspect of the truth of life and of the new era that is under way that is in itself anchored in the Christ Consciousness, but it is too often overlooked.  Coming to our senses changes everything, and for the highest, greatest good.

You have known of the power of the human senses, your senses, ever since your human journey began so long ago.  Do you remember sacred pagan rituals when you saw the magic of flame, heard the chanting of the elders, smelled the scents of herbs, tasted holotropic liquids and felt with all your being your connections to earth and sky?  Do you remember how important it was to you to go to church in the Middle Ages, to be awed by the sight of towering arches, great frescoes in dazzling colours on the walls, the statuary and golden regalia, the rich vestments of the priests; to hear angelic singing and chanting of the monks and choirs, to smell the transportative incense wafting around the ancient building, to touch the sacred relics and to taste the blessed sacrament?

All your senses were triggered and beguiled in these rituals, designed to awaken and awe you to the power and presence of your God.  They gave you a new reality, one that was extraordinary, and thereby lay their gift.

These days modern religious ritual can be very mundane, denied the awe inspiring beauty and spiritual reminder of intense sensory experience.  Our senses often are taken for granted except in a functional, mental sense which, if we comply, holds us even more in the third dimension and illusion.  If we learn to use our senses as tools to reach the core truths of life and experience, we can more easily know how to be true to our spiritual life and calling in the context of our humanity.  

If you are interested, I suggest you enter a quiet space and state where you centre on your nothingness with an empty mind.  If your eyes are shut, watch without judgment the lights and colours behind your lids, and if they are open just see the shapes and colours of what is before you.  What do you hear?  Notice sounds in the broadest sense, a shrill note or bang or a rushing sound – do not label them as birdsong or the neighbour or traffic, they are just different sounds in the ear.  What do you smell?  Accept if it is something floral, or rich, or sour, but do not attribute it to the flowers, or the smell of cooking, or stale dust.  What do your fingers feel?  Is it something rough, warm, cool or smooth?  Do not label the cloth of your clothing or the feel of your chair.  Use and feel your senses to go back to the origins of their focus, let them overwhelm you without mental judgment or analysis as you were overwhelmed in Glastonbury Cathedral or Chartres cathedral in the Middle Ages.  You are abandoning labels, and touching and sensing Spirit.

You can do this exercise at any time and the more you do you are learning to strip away what is illusion and superfluous and you are reaching the heart of you and your relationship with God.  You are finding your truth and preparing for all that is to come in the new age.  You are seeing and feeling the intense beauty in the world around you that is a perfect place of worship, equal to the most magnificent church anywhere.  You are coming to your senses, and that is truly wonderful.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

2 comments on “Coming to your Senses”

  1. Hullo, Claire!
    It seems what you are suggesting is to enter into a trance state. In addition to your comments, I can state that such a state is ideal for fire walks, something which I and some other friends have done before.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get *fired up* about this topic. 🙂

    1. Thank you as always, William. I am not talking so much about trance, but focused awareness of the senses in everyday situations as well as in meditation. I do not recommend it for potentially risky situations like firewalks! There, a strongly altered state of consciousness would be desirable, indeed!

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