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The Inlumino Global Spiritual Blog

Earth Change, Climate Change

It is a reassuring delight to know that many of Earth’s secrets remain undiscovered, and that it is with reluctance and care that she allows us glimpses of the unknown to remind us of our place in the hierarchy governed by Gaia and to test our ability to care and do what is right. 
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COVID-19 and being Selfish

Although it has been affecting humans for some three months now, COVID-19 is a virus that has much mystery.  Despite intense efforts by scientists and doctors we do not know for sure how it is transmitted, how long it is incubated, at what stage it is infectious, what is the likelihood of re-infection, or how […]
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The Master of Aquarius

Some years ago, on a night of wild-life, I asked to meet the Master of Aquarius, to question him about the storms battering the Planet even then.
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2020 and Gaia’s Army

While my heart grieves for the fiery suffering of the land and life of Australia, I see their sacrifice as hope for the future as the year of the Planet begins.  Every death and hurt and all destruction will not have been in vain.
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The Table of Nature

Autumn is lingering here in the Cambrian Mountains:  leaves are magnificent in their fire colours still, and the trees that carry them are bedecked with a multitude of berry jewels, so many that the flocks of fieldfares and redwings arriving for their winter sanctuary are unable to strip them bare.  The table of nature overflows […]
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Gaia will Win

Where and as I write now, green woodpeckers are yaffling in the oak trees around me as kites, ravens and buzzards circle around my home looking for breakfast to feed mates building their nests or even sitting on their eggs. It is a calm damp morning, the prelude to a timeless spring day in this […]
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