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The Table of Nature

October 21, 2019,
Claire Montanaro
The table of nature overflows…..
Autumn is lingering here in the Cambrian Mountains:  leaves are magnificent in their fire colours still, and the trees that carry them are bedecked with a multitude of berry jewels, so many that the flocks of fieldfares and redwings arriving for their winter sanctuary are unable to strip them bare.  The table of nature overflows and there is plenty for everybody.

It is forgotten too often that we have been given the greatest blessing in having Earth as our planetary home.  She has the perfect system of self-regulation whereby everything, everything is in perfect balance from the minerals in the soil below our feet to the rhythmic influence of the moon.  When left alone, the hierarchies of living creatures maintain their own mutual support mechanism to ensure the delicate ecosystems of which they are a part are in harmony with each other, fine-tuned and calibrated like the most intricate clock that keeps perfect time.

The only part of this planetary mechanism that does not work is the human race, which has chosen to separate itself from a system of self-regulation - spiritual and temporal - that has worked so well for so long. This is what is at the heart of the esoteric concept of separation and suffering, and it is why life can seem such a struggle.

Scientists were talking recently about the likelihood of space travel to Mars. As they discussed the possibilities and considerations, one of them said that a potential major problem was that travellers would at some point lose sight of Earth, and that the psychological impact of this severance would be immense.  All physical cosmic exploration so far has been to distances where our Planet has been visible, a beautiful beacon of home and hope: astronauts would be bereft without it.  I see it as feeling separated from God.

If more people recognised the importance of Earth to our well-being in so many ways, we might, perhaps, care for her better.

I wonder how much of our self-created separation from Gaia is playing out in the political dramas of the world?  The soap opera that is Brexit is centred in the lower mind of Britons, divorced in every way from the ecosystem to which we belong in every way.  Overcoming the control of the mind is the biggest spiritual challenge of our age, and associated directly with that is overcoming ego and desire.  In political systems everywhere ego predominates, as a result of which true leadership is largely absent and the entity that suffers most is Earth. 

Heart based values and actions are to be seen more and more, however, in planetary activism undertaken by people who wish to help heal, protect and restore.  New movements involving multitudes can be inexperienced and mistakes have been made as they learn to channel their good intent wisely.  This will change.

It is becoming clear that a struggle is being played out between planetary dismissers and planetary carers, between mind and heart, and between ego and altruism.  The strong sense of a changing foundation is unsettling the establishment and those who support it, which may be why there is violence in Parliament and outside it in language and conduct, and in many other cities and countries similarly.  The priority of economic prosperity is being challenged forcibly for the first time in numbers and prominence, and preference, by the priority of the wellbeing of the Planet and all the creatures who make her their home.

It is important for hearts and minds to be used to their optimal strengths in conjunction with each other in order to restore balance within the human race and on Earth, and to achieve the best for all.  If we are at peace in ourselves and with each other, if we, each and every one of us, always has a consciousness of our place in the Planet and live principally to protect and augment our Earth community, then the table of nature will brim forever - and our world will be both prosperous and at peace. 



Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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2 comments on “The Table of Nature”

  1. Hullo, Claire! 🙂
    If you think in terms of humanity's neurotic impulses playing out, then the issue of humanity's screw-ups make sense.
    Ponder the interactions between the ancient Celts and the ancient Romans, for instance. For centuries, the Celts had been a real pain for the Romans, sacking Rome, being beaten back at Telamon, lingering in the Po Valley, etc.
    And then in 58 BC, the Helvetii attacked a province of Rome with some unmitigated Gaul. Along with getting Julius Caesar very mad at them (they'd killed some friends of his, as I recall), they had created a defence of the realm situation for the Romans, and the latter acted accordingly.
    Where the neurotic impulses come into play is in both parties' aggressiveness. The Roman response to aggression was literally to fight back. This meant two impulsive Ids colliding, with the Romans' Id acting like an Ego (regulator) to the ancient Celts.
    As with the Romans and the ancient Celts, so, too, today: it's just taking a different form. And it looks like it's reaching a climax as climate change has become impossible to ignore.
    Staying away from Roman and Celtic chariots,

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