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The Lemurian Way

March 6, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
Ducks…are arguing
All over my garden, wars are erupting over ownership.  Ducks, owls, stock doves and squirrels are arguing over the use of a barn owl box (the owl is winning) while blackbirds squabble about territory and dunnocks like many birds fight over mates and the best nesting place.  There is much noise, much activity and within it all a respect for the natural hierarchy of nature and of life which brings, ultimately, acceptance and settling.

In the moment of argument every bird and animal is focused upon winning even, sometimes, to the death. The natural instinct to perpetuate its species in the breeding season is over-riding, and when this is done peaceful co-existence can return but without a free for all:  an order of natural dominance prevails always, which brings protection to the weakest while achieving a perfect balance if left undisturbed.

The Lemurian race to which, perhaps, you belonged once long ago, understood the key principles of nature and honoured them.  Plants and animals needed for food were selected with care and gratitude, ensuring they were taken with permission and in a way that encouraged continuing abundance.  Harvesting was minimal so that only what was needed was used, and there was no waste.  It was a shamanic approach which is used by some indigenous tribes with ancient memory even now.  Like the Lemurians, they understand that humans are part of the hierarchy of nature not separate from it or better than it, and that their well-being depends on helping and respecting this powerful world, not abusing it, that co-existence is key.

This premise applied within Lemurian human society too.  It had its own system of organisation that resembled that of nature in that everyone had a role and place according to their strengths and weaknesses to give each other the opportunity to survive and be the best they could.  Some were the hunter-gatherers, others the teachers or leaders, some the cooks others the craftsmen:  it was a natural hierarchy based on community need and talent, and above all it was centred on putting the community needs first in an ethos of acceptance and respect.  

We have forgotten so much about our history and our responsibility.  Not only did ancient civilisations understand about community living in the broadest sense, but also they knew that Spirit was in everything within and beyond them, particularly in the world of nature of which they were a part. 

This is our challenge now – to remember and do better.  The birds fighting cheerfully in my garden have not forgotten.  When we abuse nature we abuse Spirit, and thereby hurt so much more besides, including ourselves.  It is time for the separation to end.



Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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4 comments on “The Lemurian Way”

  1. Wonderful about Lemuria and Lemurians being so enlightened. They are said to dwell still on higher planes around Mount Shasta. Interested in receiving your further communications.

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