Sarah Everard and Lessons from the Past

March 14, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
The keeper of the …Holy Grail
The sad story of Sarah Everard, abducted and murdered as she walked through London last week, has raised many questions in many people and many memories in many women. 

I know of no woman who has not experienced abuse or risk from a man: albeit more rarely it can be perpetrated by women against women too, often in the form of sexual threat, and women against men.  Whichever way, unwanted invasion of personal freedom whether violent or abusive in another way is unacceptable.

This destructive, selfish use of power has been part of most world societies for thousands of years, but it was not always this way.  I invite you to go back in time with me, when civilised living was very different.  Whether you are a man or a woman now, you may remember those days………

Once upon a time, when Earth was settling into a state of youthful equilibrium following the departure of the Priest-Kings, Spirit in the form of the Christ Consciousness was embedded in the world.  It was a feminine energy which was epitomised and guarded by a group of highly evolved women who themselves each led their own group in a particular part of the world for which they were responsible.  They were the keepers of the original Holy Grail, priestesses with charge over a temple and a special part of Earth.  Twelve temples existed, perfectly spread through the hemispheres but connected with each other so that the influence and teaching was consistent and everywhere.

It was the time when the ethos of Spirit throughout our Planet was at its greatest, embedded in the lands and waters and in the heart and soul of every human. 

Men were a part of this great epoch in a role that was clearly defined and recognised.  In the temples they were the protectors of the priestesses, and in the community they worked to provide for and support their families and friends while assisting in the creation of new life.   Despite having an important part to play, they were subordinate to the pre-eminent feminine energy and this was accepted and understood.

Women were recognised as holding the power:  they were known to have mystic links with the Moon and the source of light and life.  They were the original witches, the forerunners of the druids, and they commanded great respect for their magical powers.  Guided by the priestesses and forming an important part of their temple, they worked with the Elements and the spirits of nature, the cosmic forces and their psychic knowing to help maintain the highest standards in human life and to teach future generations about the privilege of a spiritual life on Earth.

After the greatest era of civilisation the planet and humanity has known, the shadows came across the Light and women began to quarrel while men wanted more power using physical strength and aggression as a means to achieve it.  The purity of altruism was replaced by desire, and the priestesses were powerless to prevent an inevitable erosion of values. 

Even among themselves they disagreed about whether to accept the changing world and forget the past, or take their sacred secrets to a place of hidden safety, to await the time when Spirit would return fully to the world.  Only one of the group chose the latter path, abandoned by her sisters and pursued by the Dark Brothers who once had been her protectors.  At great risk and danger to herself she took with her the Holy Grail and a body of great sacred knowledge that are waiting to be returned to human consciousness.

I wonder how much you remember of these times ? How much of the story do you believe? Is it an allegory to you, or real? It does not matter. It is there.

Work must be done for the raising of human consciousness to return, and the story of the life and death of Sarah Everard shows how far the pendulum of spiritual and human evolution has descended to reach its nadir.  Ever since the dissolution of the temples by men so long ago, the attempted disempowerment of women usually by men - but not all men - has become so embedded it has become a tacitly accepted fact of human life.  The unnecessarily aggressive largely male police reaction to a peaceful vigil in memory of Sarah and all abused women last night shows this, but may, by being publicly shocking, bring steps towards a change of attitude and conduct that are meaningful. Many men want this change towards fairness too.

Already Sarah’s murder has highlighted the injustice and inequality inherent in much of modern society and has precipitated, increasingly and again, a public clamour for women’s right to safe freedom and respect.  The rebalancing will come, and this time men and women will be equal and the sacred secrets will be part of life.  It is what the new age of the new consciousness is all about, but with it comes responsibility for us all.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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