Dark Skies over Northumberland - and Wales?

December 9, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

To learn today that a large area on Northern Britain, in and around Northumberland, has been granted dark sky status, was wonderful, and the news made my heart sing.  The Northumberland Dark Skies Park will be the largest in Europe, and, very importantly, it will be protected from light pollution in the future. It makes so much sense: the designation of the Park will ensure that in that part of Britain there will be a place of peace, where nature can be "natural" from the perspective of the wildlife and also in a cosmic sense, as the stars and planets will have no artificial barrier to prevent their connection with Earth. From the human perspective, it will enable the many people who increasingly are fascinated by astronomy and what lies beyond our Planet to explore and enjoy a wonderful show of light and mystery with their own eyes, and to feel the awe-inspiring power of a perfectly clear night sky, in an area which is one of the best places for stargazing anywhere. These astro-tourists will spend money too in a rural and sparsely populated part of the country, where they will be very welcome for the sake of the economy. Dark SkyThe night sky is one of the most important gifts we who live on Earth have been given, but so often it is ignored or hidden by invasive artificial lighting, much of which is wasteful and unnecessary. To be outside on a clear night without the disturbance of man-made light can be overwhelming as the moon and thousands of bright sky objects compel attention and wonder as they dance and dazzle overhead, impossible to ignore, awakening old pagan memories of ceremony and ritual undertaken in the knowledge that the cosmic tapestry is Spirit speaking. I am blessed with dark unpolluted skies here where I live in mid-Wales, and I never cease to appreciate what I see at night, even when it is overcast. "Progress" is a fact of life, however, even in this remote part of Western Britain, and one day a bureaucrat with good intent but little imagination may choose to introduce lighting somewhere nearby. There is no sign of it happening, but I take nothing for granted. Hearing about the designation of the Northumberland Dark Skies Park made me a little wistful as I imagined living in such a place with the certainty of environmental protection and unspoiled skies, and so I was amazed and delighted to hear through a Facebook entry today that the beautiful Elan Vally, just three miles from where I live, has applied to be a dark sky park too. It would make me very happy if my home area was appreciated not just for its wonderful landscape and wildlife but for its incredible sky scenes also. And perhaps there could be a sky park near you?......and that is not as unlikely as it may seem, for anything is possible.   [byline]]]>

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