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The Change of Light and Time

In many parts of the world at this time of year, clocks are changing to reflect the changing season and the changing light.  To attend to the different clocks and watches, radios and timers in my home manually is one of many rituals that have become established in the rhythm of my life, and it […]
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Beaver Truth

The effects of a powerful Beaver Moon last week are reverberating still, and its message of change will last for two years before a new cycle of astrological drama gets under way. 
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Perseverence on Mars

Along with 2 million other people I watched NASA’s YouTube channel to witness the arrival of the Perseverence rover on Mars.  Millions others around the world watched this great event through other media, like me fascinated and awed by the immensity of the project and the linking of our human world with a mysterious planet […]
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I invite you to remember how it was and how you were when Earth was young, and so were you.
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