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Cosmic Pathways

August 30, 2018,
Claire Montanaro

It is dangerous and misguided thinking. Astronauts who have been in space speak of the life-changing experience of being in, and seeing, a different world that is sublime in its capacity to awe. Some recognised a spiritual experience that brought the reality of God before them, moving fact-driven scientists to tears; they watched Earth in all her beauty but ravaged by human abuse, and appreciated all the more the wonders of which, temporarily, they were a part. We are not worthy, or mature enough, to try to take over space too – it would be like leaving a bored child with a box of matches in a paper factory. Our human race is valuing the cosmos for its riches and the commercial benefits it will bring to a greedy world community, but we fail to consider its far greater importance as a spiritual institution that creates and guides the soul journey of each of us. We forget that within the cosmos there are stellar pathways, like the most powerful ley lines imaginable, and that each of us has a unique such pathway sewn into the DNA of our souls. In the early stages of our spiritual journey the pathway has many twists and turns, junctions and exit points, but as we become more and more evolved the path becomes straight and the destiny clear: the choices of direction are gone – there is only one way forward and we are heading for the culmination fast, aware too that when we reach it, it is the beginning of a new and greater journey. It is my job to utilise these stellar connections to identify the paths that individual souls will follow, and their spiritual destiny and evolutionary development, to guide them on their way. This is true, sacred astronomy of which we are all a part and which influences each of us enormously. In order for this ancient and real astronomy to be used, the cosmos needs to be pristine with the vibrational levels as high and pure as it is possible for them to be. Already they are becoming tainted, lowered, by man-made space debris and careless exploration, and greater disturbance will cause great spiritual distress. The present pollution of the universe is responsible for much of the confusion and chaos in our world: more will create serious problems, at every level. People forget that what happens in the skies impacts Earth, and the occupants of Earth. We are not separate: the cosmic environment is even more important for us than the wonderful but limited environment of our planetary world, and our narrow, blinkered thinking about our relationship with the world beyond must stop. The exploration of space, if done sensitively and respectfully, can assist the fusion of our humanity with our spirituality and bring us closer to our understanding of ourselves as infinite beings in a world of Light. The cosmic pathways are multiple, and the Universe is filled with life and layers of divine mystery that are beyond our understanding, for now, and even the most evolved souls on Earth know only a fraction of the great truth. To work with Spirit as cosmic developers aim to connect more, physically, with the stars and planets would help to avoid the desecration of the skies, and would enable far greater revelation than a cosmic tourist trip or a lunar mining effort. Sadly, this is unlikely to happen soon. The power of Spirit is enormous, and whatever we humans do through ego and desire cannot stop the purpose of the Plan of God. Stellar pathways - your stellar pathway – will exist always, and interference in their quality will affect humanity more than any other community of beings anywhere. This is karma in action. Honour your path and your stars, and see the earth and the skies as one: what you do, always, directs your travel and dictates the outcome of your journey, a journey far beyond this life.     [byline]  ]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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