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Cern, Antimatter and Spirit.

June 6, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

A fascinating scientific debate centres on why matter and antimatter were not created in equal amounts so that they balanced each other out in the Big Bang: it is believed that when the anti-matter disappeared, as it did, the matter which remained formed our universe.

A team at Cern has managed for the first time to create 300 particles of antimatter and to keep them in existence for 17 minutes, enough time to study them and try to discover why matter remained and there was Creation. There are huge implications in this for our understanding of the nature of spirituality, and indeed for the sceptics and scientists to expand their theoretical thinking, particularly if, as I mentioned before, String Theory can be proved.

Now, I have never studied science and my understanding of it is sadly limited, but when I heard about this breakthrough last night on a late night radio news programme my heart stirred, and I remembered the Universal Law of Balance. This Law states that the purpose of life (which is infinite, undying and literally universal) is to achieve equal balance at every level so that there is harmony, whether it is between the planetary alignments, in a relationship, in the way we live or energetically. The Law applies at every level of being, every dimension and every plane of existence.

Sometimes a situation of imbalance has to be created in order to teach and learn and to fulfil the ultimate Plan of God, but balance is always the ultimate goal and achievement. Our universe had to be created and so anti-matter had to be destroyed in order for matter to remain - to enable inter alia human existence, choice and soul growth. The challenge and opportunity now is to enable antimatter to be, and what it represents to co-exist with matter in perfect balance.

It is a parallel situation to the existence of duality. At one time spirit (antimatter) outweighed matter and matter did not exist, and then with changing cycles matter became more dominant and spirituality was virtually effaced by a tide of materialism. We have come to the point when a new cycle hitherto unknown is about to come into being, when the world of spirit and the world of matter, on Earth, are integrated and in perfect balance. If we look at the debate about matter and antimatter in the context of the Universal Laws, what was inexplicable begins to make sense and in a much deeper way.


I write about all the Universal Laws in my book, Spiritual Wisdom.


Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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4 comments on “Cern, Antimatter and Spirit.”

  1. Antimatter is spirit and how the two universes co exist without annihilation could be because the antimatter universe is in another more unbreakable dimension just above our 4th dimensional world of length breadth height and space time.
    What laws of physics determine this 5th dimensional plane, that the antimatter universe exists in: I have no idea.
    If this is the way it is then antimatter could only be seen via breaking the laws of this matter universe example the LHC of CERN.
    my 2c

    1. Yes, antimatter is negative energy condensed. So it cannot be detected with material instruments. Antimatter constitutes the paralel spiritual universe. This will be discovered in the next decades.

  2. I am not a scientist I just wanted to make a point about antimatter, let’s say that antimatter is spiritual. That means that antimatter has always existed, it is the opposite of matter. This material world has a beginning and an end but antimatter has no beginning and no end it has always existed. Antimatter exists in the spiritual world and matter has no influence over the antimatter. If antimatter touches matter or comes in contact with matter, matter may be destroyed but matter can never destroy antimatter.

    1. Matter was created and antimatter has always existed. There is no limits to antimatter and matter has limits. Antimatter is eternal and matter has a beginning and an end!

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