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The Inlumino Global Spiritual Blog

Easter and the nature of your Soul

When Jesus served on Earth some 2000 years ago, as part of his teaching and example he underwent all the initiations it was possible for a man to experience, tested and tested again about the challenges of being human, and being human well.  He showed us how to be our best despite or because of […]
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Deep Time and Parallel Lives

In the recent Deep Time project, fifteen people lived in a French cave without clocks, light or external communications, to test the effects of living as a group in isolation without any indicators of time. 
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Freedom of Expression

One of the hardest aspects of being human is having the courage to express ourselves for who we are and what we believe, while remembering the consequences of what we say or do.  Keeping the balance between being ourselves with freedom of expression and doing no harm is important; it is about liberty, awareness and […]
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Symbols of Renewal

In recent days a young heron has been visiting my ponds, hunting in the shallows waiting for a frog or newt to appear.  It is a shy, beautiful creature, a bird of the water and so of feminine emotion and of Spirit.
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The Heart of the Storm

We are coming to the eye, the heart of the storm, and in that heart, that eye, sits Spirit.
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The Goddess of Balance and Justice

Every full moon is a blessing of completion and learning, and always appropriate to the condition of man at that time.
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A Cosmic Game of Snakes and Ladders

Yesterday, the last of the House Martins visited their home, which is my home too. 
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Easter, and the 7th Ray of Magic

last blog post, I wrote about how Easter concerns the resurrection of the soul. It is about endings and beginnings also – which is one reason why the full moon associated with Easter is of such significance.
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