March, and the Lord of Karma

February 24, 2023,
Claire Montanaro
How lucky we are to be alive now.

Next week’s full moon will be the prelude to a period of great events and tumultuous times, in itself a time of surprise and change and highly charged energy but dwarfed by what follows it.

Within an hour of the peak of the moon, Saturn, the Lord of Karma and of life lessons will surge into the waters of Pisces where he will stay for three years, but the influence of this union will be felt for thirty years.  All the world will be impacted by this hugely and unusual significant event:  the human collective and we as human individuals will see our karma come before us as a reminder of why we are on Earth, what are our learnings and what is left to do for our soul unfolding in this lifetime. 

It will be an opportunity, possibly an uncomfortable one, to confront and review what we have ignored before, to remember our soul contract and release what is preventing us from achieving our full spiritual potential.  If we fail to face the truth, our karmic patterns will continue in this lifetime or the next until we are ready, finally, to stop running away.  These coming weeks are a rare gift of healing and evolution, a perfect time to see, unflinchingly, what needs to be addressed.

The karma of humanity, so sadly and badly embedded over many millennia, will present itself forcefully as false prophets, secrets and lies are exposed, and the story of the Emperor having no clothes will take life.  It will be important to remember, without judgment, as we see the hidden truths emerge, that we have played our part in the mass deception by looking the other way, at best, or choosing to accept what made us comfortable by way of promises or the manacles of money.  This time is our chance to look and truly see, to see and do what is right.  Question everything.

This month sees us move into the Age of Aquarius properly, which is why it is so very significant.   It is when we must leave the past behind personally and be ready, at this time of transition, for some turbulent times on Earth.  Moving from one civilisation to another is painful, and our rationality will challenge letting go of the power of the mind just as our heart will tell us to embrace the joy of living experientially in the moment.  Separation will vie with community consciousness, and the struggle will be felt for decades until the new era is firmly established.  You can, however, choose acceptance over resistance and get there sooner, and indeed, you may.

Keep your heart light and open this month: if you welcome the opportunity for spiritual and human growth and know that it it can be easy if your will is to good, it will be so.  There is nothing to fear:  just as the anticipation of an operation can be worse than the relief in its reality and completion, it is good to get the waiting out of the way to let your true service begin in this new Aquarian age.  How lucky we are to be alive now.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

2 comments on “March, and the Lord of Karma”

  1. Oh my. How exciting to be here right now. I'm embarking on several new journeys I've longed to do for many years, and now feels like the right time. Thank you Claire

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