Child abuse and the Church

March 28, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

While all human learning and experience is for a purpose, child abuse is one of the least attractive.  It was not attractive either, though on a lesser note, to see the hysterical reaction and lynch-mob mentality this weekend to the possible involvement, direct or indirect, of the Pope concerning abuse within the Catholic Church.  The media and the protestors just do not know who knew and what was done within the Vatican on the subject, broad and narrow, and yet they judge.

For me, judgment and transparency are the key words here.   Judgment is ugly and can be dangerous, particularly when it is based on limited information and about a highly emotive issue.  Transparency has brought the sad cases to light, with many more yet to come, and transparency has shone a penetrating light into the workings of the Church at all levels.  A lack of transparency has exacerbated the speculation and caused commentators and protesters to draw their own conclusions from what is known, and to use it sometimes for the purpose of propoganda or even mischief.

I try to remain neutral and non-partisan as I observe world events, but my heart goes out both to the children who have suffered over so long - anywhere - and also to the frail old man in Rome who is under personal attack in a way that must be shocking and humiliating.  Such hatred must hurt, a lot.

Yes, let us have compassion for the victims, but let us also have understanding (without approval) for everyone else involved in these matters of current public debate.   The clerical cover-ups cannot continue now and so good has come from the revelations.

Meanwhile, child abuse is prevalent still in many homes and places in the world: where is the transparency here?

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