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Coronavirus Channelling

April 3, 2020,
Claire Montanaro
All is well.....
The global situation we are in is testing and may seem baffling in its uncertainty.  No-one knows what will happen next, or indeed what to do.

Whoever and wherever we are, all of us are affected by the pandemic, and you may feel disbelief and a sense of unreality as the prospect of weeks and maybe months of the cessation of life as we have known it stretches before us.  These are early days yet: there is a sense of novelty still but also uncertainty as the warnings get louder and the virus becomes more real, and close, every day. 

However much you and I know that the Coronavirus is with us for a reason and that the outcome must be one that is for the greatest good, this dark period of closing down and uncertain waiting, of heavy energy, and constant focus on something invisible and potentially deadly in its toxicity, is depleting. 

It is easy to forget, at times like this, the love and support of Spirit which at this time of all times wants to help us directly and unconditionally.  In my work, Spirit speaks with my voice through the Masters of Light to give that help to those who choose to hear, and it seems timely for them to speak more publicly once again, giving a spiritual perspective and guidance on the pandemic sweeping the world. 

So, I have recorded a channelling in which they speak freely on the present situation: it is not a formal question and answer session, more a monologue with a few questions put to them at the end, kindly, by James Weaver.

If you would like to hear the Coronavirus Channelling, it is available on my website Free Channellings page now, and the link to it is here.  It lasts for 40 minutes. I hope you find it helpful.

Meanwhile, a friend has recommended a homeopathic remedy to protect again the virus, and she is happy for me to share it with you in case it is of interest and you would like to explore it further.  It uses Arsenicum-album and Bryonia-alba:

  • Arsenicum-album 30c, take 1 tablet twice weekly e.g. Mondays and Thursdays for 6 weeks and
  • Bryonia-alba 30c, take 1 tablet twice weekly e.g. Wednesdays and Sundays for 6 weeks.

In the UK the remedies are available from from Helios Pharmacy ( or Ainsworth's Pharmacy (  

The love and sharing within friends and community of information and life necessities is remarkable in its generosity, isn't it? It is humbling too.



Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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