Dark Energy Survey, Light, and the Expansion of the Universe

September 19, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

It is fascinating that, according to scientists (as quoted by  the BBC), only 4% of the Universe is made up of substance, 23% is dark matter, and 73% is dark energy: dark matter holds near material like galaxies together through some form of gravity while dark energy is a propellant, driving distant objects further into the distant cosmos so that the Universe is constantly expanding. An eighth of the sky will be surveyed and 300 million galaxies scanned by the special Dark Energy Camera some of which will be 8 billion light years away - all in five years. It is amazing and exciting. Another way of looking at these mysteries is to remember that the Universe and universes beyond it are filled with the Light of Spirit; every thing, visible and invisible, is part of the Being of God from the smallest cell within you to the largest celestial object you can imagine. The purpose of the Plan of God is to expand the Light, and as your soul becomes more light-filled, your growing light assists this process. A more accurate term for Dark Energy  is, in fact,"Light Energy", and the expansion of the Universe is due to the expansion of the Light. Meanwhile, closer to home, dark matter holds the material world together and prevents it flying apart - it is like a brake of separation, and only when matter moves far away on its path is it able to accelerate onwards into limitless infinity. This is relevant to you as well as to stars: until you have reached a certain point on your soul journey you are locked in matter, but after that you fly freely, without limitation, into the unknown as more and more you are just Light. It applies to the journey of Earth too, struggling for her ascension from the world of duality and materialism just as you are. Scientists analysing the findings of the Dark Energy Survey may not explain them in spiritual terms as I have done, but may well find much that confounds conventional, rational thinking and which will force a more open and accepting approach. Indeed, some cosmologists speak now of a spiritual aspect to their work, and that is welcome news.]]>

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