December’s Full Moon, of Growth and Focus

December 4, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

In esoteric lore, the Full Moon of December, whatever the year, is governed by Sagittarius, the sign of the archer firing his arrow straight and fast into the heart of his target. As, now, you enter the final battle between clarity and clouds of confusion, his aim, your aim, is centred on the mind which is the last obstacle to your spiritual evolution, the hugely powerful and destructive vehicle that controls you insidiously and persistently. It is only when you sleep or are unconscious that your mind is dormant, otherwise it controls how you think, feel and are; it controls your life. [caption id="attachment_2771" align="alignright" width="265"]Sagittarius Sagittarius[/caption] This Full Moon, brooding, watchful, and knowing, has assembled its forces to help you understand and overcome the dominance of your mind once and for all, for when you are able to disregard its negativity and lies you are free to find the mind of your soul, your true mind. An accomplished archer shoots not just into his target, but to reveal a new, prized target hidden beyond:  if you aim the arrow of Sagittarius at the tendrils of mental chaos which comprise your human mind, not only will you defeat your greatest enemy, but you will find the secret to your spiritual and personal well-being.  You will find the hidden secret to your life also. So, at this special time of this special Full Moon of December 2014, focus your mind like an arrow and let nothing deflect you from the truth of you. Do not allow yourself to be deflected by the mental temptations of desire nor self-pity, fear nor weakness, but allow space to enter where your mind once ruled. Only when there is an everyday, constant, unforced mental abstinence can you hear the wisdom of your true mind, and see God’s truth all around and within you. Every Full Moon brings a gift, and this one, on Saturday, is a very special lunar blessing: listen, feel, and see.   [byline]  ]]>

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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