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Ghost-Cats Keeping Me Company

August 20, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

It unnerved me when it first happened, feeling the unmistakeable jump of a cat onto the bottom of the bed and the kneading of his paws, seeing the bedclothes dimple with the movement and even, sometimes, hearing the purring of a contented cat as he settled against my legs. Once or twice the physicality was so real I would try to touch him, thinking it was one of my living cats, but there was no body there. Who he is I do not know: he may be the spirit of one of my past cats but I do not recognise it, and although several attempts have been made by me and others to help him Home, he will not go. Now I am comforted when I feel him arrive, and I even talk to him to ensure he knows his presence is recognised and appreciated. Once I saw him in the night, when I awoke suddenly and was not fully back in body, and I have seen him, too, several times, fleetingly, lying in the area outside my room and almost tripping me up. He is a large black cat with white whiskers, and he is beautiful, and very real. My sense is that he is an animal guide, always with me but making himself known when I am in need of a little extra protection and reassurance, and reminding me of the wonders of the world of Spirit. My ghost-cat is tangible a lot at the moment, an inter-dimensional presence that makes the ephemeral, elusive spiritual world a practical reality as the veils of separation thin to nothingness. It is a natural event to feel or glimpse him, and he is as much a part of my life as Felix, my third dimensional cat. Other people are seeing disembodied beings too, I know, all part of the preparation for the actualisation of the cosmic world on Earth. This new awareness is not confined just to the few, but is a gift for everyone: all it takes is trust, and an openness to know.   [byline]  ]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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2 comments on “Ghost-Cats Keeping Me Company”

  1. Thanks, Claire, for reminding me of Voltaire and Danny Boy, both cats whom I had helped in their own unique times of need.
    Voltaire was an old cat who had been abandoned and who was trying to ingratiate himself with some friends who already had plenty of pets. He needed a home right when I was getting ready go on Annual Training in the National Guard in 2002, and I was concerned about my oldest cat, Candide, needing a playmate while I was gone. After about six months of needing much TLC, one Saturday morning while sitting at a computer, he came onto my lap and gave me the same kind of kiss you'd expect from a human - right on a cheek.
    After Voltaire died in November 2005 (laying next to me in bed), he told me where he wanted me to bury his body, and I complied quite willingly. He turned me down when I offered to help him go into the Light and has been a comforting companion - and a jolly good defender of me when need be - ever since.
    As for Danny Boy, I was taking power away from a local black witches covens further down in Catatonia than where I currently live, partly because they were being a pain in the arse to me. One particular trapped soul I was releasing one night was a cat, basically an orange furball. When I asked him his name, he indicated to me he wanted to be called 'Danny Boy', He was so grateful for being released from a fate that was literally worse than death that he's also been a companion to me ever since.
    Suffice it to say that some very good deeds to cats have been rewarded many times over. Thanks for reminding me of them and how they can still be your mates even when they're no longer incarnate.

    1. I love hearing about your cats, thank you. They sound wonderful companions, and how good they still are with you.

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