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Good television

March 7, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

I watched a television programme last night on the sun and its importance in the solar system.  It was wonderful - most interesting and with wonderful photography, totally justifying the cost of my TV licence!  

Much was made of the history and power of the sun, and the amount of energy that is available from it for us to use as a resource.  It made me wonder why we are spending so  much in terms of money and environmental repercussions on higgledy-piggledy projects here and there instead of focusing on developing what is there already.   I know it can be done and will be done.

What struck me particularly in the programme was the beauty of Earth - the Blue Planet as it was described.  I saw places and views from on land and from space which were breathtaking, and it reminded me never to take our home for granted.  We have been given the greatest gift of living here, and sometimes we forget the privilege this is.

Towards the end, we saw the aurora borealis on the Arctic Circle.  I have seen it once here where I live, but that was nothing compared to the incredible sights on film.  The narrator, Professor Cox, who was there, described seeing spirits rising from the earth and it was true, they were there.  I am so grateful that the film was made - it must have been very expensive - and that I was able to see it.

The exploration of the solar system  continues next Sunday night, I believe.  If the next episode comes close to being as good as last night's, I would recommend it to everyone.

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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