Greece: Our Hope for the Future

June 24, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Over many different epochs the ancient civilisations of Greece has taught the world much.

So often it has been the source and the epitome of what is most noble in man, including the olympic ideal, philosophical wisdom, literary and cultural achievements, and the true democratic tradition. At its height she lived by political ideals of peace, truth, fairness and kindness that particularly now our leaders, and we, would do well to remember.

Greece has led the world, and just as cycles and patterns repeat themselves, does so today again; it is fitting that as humanity is being forced to confront its choice between an era of materialism that is past and an era of altruism that is its opportunity, Greece is the global example of frailty and hope as she stands centre-stage in this ongoing financial crisis which is perplexing all the major countries in the developed world. She has presented a conundrum which is insoluble but which must be resolved because of its repercussions, and while many are quick and loud to judge her, hers is a state of being that is at the heart of the human race and is its representation now.

Many see Greece as being weak and dependent, a failed state, but I see her as standing in a position of power. Other countries wrangle over her because of their fears for themselves, but there is also an unacknowledged consciousness of their responsibility for creating and maintaining a distorted, abused global financial operation which has always been flawed and now is obsolete. Greece is both an example of and a solution for the world’s state.

Sooner or later Greece will choose to be released from its EU shackles and will be free to create once again her own way of governance, in every way. It will be her chance to begin anew and, if she is brave and innovative, to lead humanity once again towards a truly new era of nobility combining spiritual values with political pragmatism, as she has done, indeed, before.


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