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Healing the World, post Brexit

June 26, 2016,
Claire Montanaro

Healing the WorldThe unravelling of the British political system that, rapidly, is accompanying the decision to leave the EU, is paralleled, though not so obviously, in Europe with repercussions for the continent of Europe and the rest of the world, as the implications off Brexit threaten the status quo in countries hitherto dominated by small elites of the wealthy and powerful. Leaders are flocking together now to work to prevent any further challenge to their authority from citizens who want their voice to be heard and their concerns recognised, as has happened in the UK. The leaders are likely to fail. The result of the EU referendum on Thursday came as a great shock to David Cameron and the Remain camp, who believed that promoting economics-based fear stories would win the day: in itself this demonstrates how out of touch and disconnected they were from the real concerns of “ordinary” people, and how much they underestimated the ability of those people to see behind the rhetoric. Analysis of the results shows starkly the great gulf between the haves and the have-nots, those with money and those without, those whose communities have changed unrecognisably as a result of immigration, and those for whom immigration is a useful supply of labour, often though not always, cheap. Above all, it shows the divide there is within the UK, one half that has benefited comfortably from EU membership and the other half that feels alienated and forgotten, and unrepresented by any of the major political parties. The weak links of the political, economic and social systems in the UK and far beyond are exposed, and this may be the most significant result of Brexit. While this period of change is disconcerting, because of its extent and potential, it is important to see it in a positive light, as a time of opportunity to confront the cracks that are exposed and to heal them. I am sorry that so many predictions of catastrophe following Brexit are being made, accompanied by political opportunism, when this is a time for acceptance, altruistic leadership, and uniting parties and the country together as we look ahead to a future that can be successful and peaceful, if this is what we want and are determined to achieve. Many countries in the world have much to learn from this British, Brexit, experience, for the need for healing is everywhere. Hope is the Answer.   [byline]]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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4 comments on “Healing the World, post Brexit”

  1. lets not forget the shameless manipulation of the press re MPs murder, just to influence the voting. Unfortuantly, there has been much intimidation on the internet. somebody i met was telling me of `playground `bullying tactics used re EU voting. I thought it was a free country unlike dictatorship countries....arent we free to vote? apparently not. Radio 4 phone in revealed a listener who was ostracised from a family gathering for his stance to remain. He was clearly upset at being punished for doing what he felt was right! Have we been watching to many drams/soap operas on TV? I notice the affect these programmes have on my elderly mother..subtle but noticeable & over the top unreal storylines she seems to cling onto and convert suitably to her life experiences...people just do not like change from how brighton felt here on saturday, Much anger here also & coupled with `this is the only way to go...``if you re not with us whats wrong with you? arwe you racist? dont you love your country?... etc I see a campaign now on the internet to have a re vote??? why they cannot accept the result? As masters said to me everywhere is stuck in the past & complain about life but are not willing to take chances to move forward. In the 80s was unemployment, recession etc..but i remember that time being innovative, people came out & were many new ideas, fashion, music,art entertainment was a great time.In `hard times` people are almost pushed to work feeling was abundant also...We were extremly creative & got off our backsides basically....i started a business & didnt have the monetary wealth i now have but enjoyed the challenges those times brought. Maybe

  2. G'day, Claire!
    In addition to your comments, you might be interested in knowing that New Mexico healer and educator Chris Griscom noted in March 1998 that, if the polarisation between 'haves and have-nots' went much further, the whole thing would collapse upon itself. In this sense, Brexit sounds familiar, doesn't it?
    The only thing is that Donald Trump (who's basically a flim-flam artist), is lurking in the background in the U.S. If you're American and want a good reason to move to Canada, he's that reason personified.

    1. Thank you, William. I did not know about Chris Griscom, and am interested to learn about his comments. As for Donald Trump - he is another good example of current global uncertainty!

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