Ice in the Arctic

August 28, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Satellite tracking has discovered that there is less summer ice in the Arctic this year than has ever been known.

As a result two shipping routes have opened up simultaneously enabling large cargo vessels carrying natural gas to cross an area of ecological sensitivity and beauty. This development can only increase the pressure from oil companies and acquisitive nations to be allowed to extract the natural resources that are so plentiful there. They could, however, be in for a surprise.

There is a saying in the UK that “one swallow does not make a summer”, and it could be that businesses investing in expanding into the Arctic on the assumption that new sea routes will be open could find their rigs and vessels trapped in one of the harshest  environments in the world with the shipping lanes blocked by impenetrable ice: one or two mild summers does not guarantee the trend will continue, and it is likely that the climate will alternate between extremes of severity before it settles down again.

Gaia is becoming increasingly powerful, and is demonstrating Her power more and more to make her point. The Arctic is a region of spiritual sanctity, a no-go area as far as She is concerned, and if Man oversteps the mark here it will protect itself in whatever way is most effective. It may be through an excess of ice or of water, but the careless plundering of resources here will not be allowed. Right now we are on test: if we behave honourably towards Gaia and the Arctic She will share her gifts with us, but if we disregard Her needs She will show her displeasure, and the reprimand will hurt.


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