Jacques Delors and the Mirage of Reality

December 3, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Jacques Delors' pessimistic review of the mistakes, political and fiscal, in the past running of the Eurozone were among the first words I heard today.

The once-powerful and still influential ex-European Commissioner is right, of course, and also in his view that the present problems are unlikely to find an easy solution, if at all. It is a pity he did not speak up sooner, perhaps, when members were allowed freely to join the Club while technically disqualified from entry. Many other experts in this field, surely, will criticise too from a position of hindsight without responsibility, and while an objective historical perspective many years on will be interesting reading, now, perhaps, is more a time for discernment and resolution than blame. This is where we are, and the new European reality starts now.

Every day, it seems, the global economic news is filled with gloom and this is likely to continue. I have found that, by switching my thoughts to a memory or focus that gives me pleasure whenever I hear something concerning, it helps me to re-balance myself and to regain my sense of equanimity. As M. Delors' accurate but unpalatable warnings were discussed on the radio this morning, I remembered seeing a golden weasel running backwards and forwards by my gate two days ago, and what joy it gave both to me (for weasels are rare these days) and to the Mammal Society when I reported the sighting. The conversation we had about other animals too, such as stoats and otters and badgers was based on genuine interest and concern, and I learned much from a young woman who cared about wildlife and who wanted to make a difference.

I am fortunate in that the environment in which I live gives me much to think about which warms my heart when I wish to contemplate what is important, for me, away from the mirage of reality and illusion in the world. You will have your own escape route to your true reality also. I wonder what it is…..?


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