April 28, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

Gordon Brown's unfortunate and public self-revelations yesterday have reverberated around the world.  Whatever the implicatons for him personally and professionally, what occurred is a wonderful example of the Law of Cause and Effect.  It is easy to forget that this Law applies not just to what we are seen to do, but it applies to every thing emanating from us, whether it be an action, or words, or thoughts.  Anything from us that is unkind paticularly intentionally, anything that is negative, anything that is not pure in intent (whatever the outcome) wil reverberate back as a sharp reminder of the meaning of the Law and how to use it.  

The British Prime Minister has shown us how instant karma works.  While there is much gloating, amusement and criticism (itself unhelpful karmically to the commentators) no-one has mentioned the deeper learnings from what happened.  Someone said this morning that everyone makes comments in private they would not say in public, to let off steam.  Is this something to be proud of?

Meanwhile, the first telepathy exercise took place yesterday.  The message I sent out was

Lord Buddha has returned.

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