Korea and Wesak Coming Together

April 4, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

I am not surprised that tensions in Korea between North and South are rising just now as the climax of the spiritual year approaches, and with it a challenging astrological configuration involving a full and almost totally eclipsed Moon, and also three powerful, masculine and potentially aggressive planets – Mars, Scorpio and Saturn. This dynamic combination occurs at the end of the month, around the time of Wesak which falls on 25th April, when the Moon is full in Taurus (esoterically, the astrological sign relating to the Moon relates to the Sun unlike more conventional astrology). It is no coincidence that, just as the world is hurtling forward to its unknown destiny following the blockages of 2012, the most significant of all the Moon festivals - for me always Wesak, when Spirit is closest to Earth and most accessible – is occurring when we are likely to be seriously challenged through planetary influences and geopolitical tensions. It will be the strongest Light facing a difficult Dark. There is time to prepare and indeed to change outcomes if we choose. We cannot move the planets or stop a lunar eclipse, and nor would we want to, but we can determine to ensure that as far as possible we are aware of the need to hold peace in our hearts for ourselves and to guard against violent explosions of energy or emotion, to hold back from anger and argument: the planets of confrontation can teach us well in the weeks ahead. In Korea, the need is for sense to prevail and for the leaders in North Korea in particular to refrain from impulsive reaction to prove themselves to the world, despite the costs in life and global security. We must not interfere in the karma of Korea, but we can send Light and Love to the place without expectation of outcome, and by so doing, those qualities of Spirit may perhaps touch the hearts of the leaders. It is something effortless that each of us can do. Meanwhile, remember it will be Wesak…… and the Light always overpowers the dark, eventually.]]>

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2 comments on “Korea and Wesak Coming Together”

  1. I am impressed that the leaders of N Korea are following the left-handed path, to such an extent that they give narcissism a bad name. When dealing with such ilk, it is wise to remember a) you are not the Tooth Fairy, b) you do not play by Marquess of Queensberry rules and c) you do not take American Express.

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